Mentorship programs…? Anyone had a bad experience with it?

I’ve been looking into a few that came across as Instagram ads. They are charging between 4 and 8k for their program but it includes step by step how to set up your business, find products, source, basically everything. It seems like a lot of money but also if it gave me the tools I needed to be successful I could justify it.

Would love to hear about your personal experiences.

Thank you all.

Run from those. 99% are BS or scams reselling free info.

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It depends on which stage of the business you are at. If you’re already selling, profitable and looking to scale, then 8k/year sound reasonable. If you’re just starting out, a invest in a mentor or beginner level course.

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Getting mentor would really help to fasttrack your learning stage on Amazon, it avoids you making mistake that will cost you time and money. 8k is quiet a hefty price for mentoring program. Feel free to reach out

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