Master cartons without amazons labels manufacturer barcode instead

I am planning to send to amazon pallets containing master cartons. 2kg bags(products) inside the cartons are to be sold separately and each pallet of boxes will contain only a single 2kg SKU and each box is also labelled with a sticker containing the name of the product, lot number, expiry date and carton barcode. Do I need to apply an Amazon sticker to cover this information?

If I send the pallets without amazon’s box labels will amazon label them at a cost?
Is there a chance of amazon rejecting the products for this reason?


Hi @Heywood1,

Each box and pallet you ship to an Amazon fulfillment center, including one or more units sent in a manufacturer box, must be properly identified with a unique box ID.

Shipment label requirements

Important: Failure to label your boxes with the required FBA box ID label may lead to blocking of future shipments.

If you send boxes to Amazon without Box labels it is possible they my reject your shipment.

The manufacturers information on the outside of your master cartons are OK. They only thing you need to cover are any/all other barcodes.


Ah, okay. I was thinking they would charge me an extra fee for the inconvenience and process inventory.

@Heywood1 that’s true when it comes to individual items. It would be too late in the process to affix Box labels.

Best wishes…

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