Massive infringement complaints abuse

Some Brand used a keywords scraper or something like that and filed complaint to amazon on infringement freezing disbursement of over 100 sellers who may have 2 words in their listing regardless of if the words are together or not . The said trademark has the 2 words together no space but as usual amazon shut 100 plus sellers and ask questions later - freezing peoples funds - Now the complainant won’t reply email or answer phone 📞

Anyone has this issue or is a victim of this brand ?

Any solution welcome please

How do you know that over 100 sellers have been affected? Typically, disputing false Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints shouldn’t be difficult, as long as you appoint an attorney to represent you - as Jonathon says.

Alternatively, you could use the options available when you try to lift the defect / complaint through the Account Health dashboard. Here, you should have the opportunity to provide proof of non-infringement.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.


They made amazon send a list of those affected. Is actually 175 sellers some selling items not even close to the brand but some where in bullet point used 2 words phrase -

Worse call them a paralegal office all day it’s a google phone - no answer -



If you are 175 sellers, then you should be able to pursue a class action?

Attorney is way to go cause the number the complainant listed is dud

The solution is to hire a QUALIFIED intellectual property attorney to deal with this… Amazon does not get involved in these matters… It’s between you and the rights owner, it’s not between you and Amazon… Make sure that the attorney is familiar with Amazon’s Policies and is experienced in reaching out to Amazon Legal when necessary… Good Luck!

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