Made in USA sticker labels

Hi everyone.

Im thinking to launch a PL product in usa amazon and getting the product from china.

1-Can i write on product package MADE IN USA with usa flag?

2-or should i write DESIGN BY USA with usa flag?

Please let me know what should i do?

You don’t need stickers with country of origin to ship products into USA.

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You can’t use either.

  1. The finished product is mostly made in China so you can’t use MADE IN USA. See FTC website for rules - Made in USA | Federal Trade Commission

  2. The USA didn’t design the product. You can put “DESIGNED IN USA” if you designed it in the USA.

  3. Do not try to trick people into thinking the product is Made In USA - the US government is very strict with this branding and has no tolerance for foolishness.


It beggars belief that some people even think about asking such questions, let alone actually ask them!

Technically, yes you can write on it, it is physically possible. But it is wrong, immoral and illegal and you will get caught. For the same reason that you can’t say that your widget is made from solid gold if it isn’t.


As others mentioned, lying about your product’s country of origin is illegal.

But what you can do is use labels that say “Designed in USA”

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Makes sense. Thanks everyone