LUCID registration for selling in Germany

We also sell in Germany but our listings have been de-activated due to not having LUCID registration. We only use drop shipping do we still need to register?

According to the FAQ’s we do not - see below found on the help page. We have done as stated but all they keep saying is the LUCID number does not match our company registration which it won’t as it belongs to our supplier!

If you use drop shipping and are not a producer, contact Selling Partner Support and indicate that you are not a producer because of drop shipping. In this case, go to Compliance Information for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and submit the LUCID registration number of your producer. After submitting your LUCID number, contact Selling Partner Support.

Explain that you are not the producer due to drop shipping and provide them with the LUCID registration number of your supplier, who is the actual producer. After submitting the LUCID number, you should follow up with Selling Partner Support.

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Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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