Lowering FBA fees by updating the size of packaging

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can I change the size of the packaging of my product for the next replacement, thus lowering the cost of Amazon FBA?

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Most likely.

Product size tiers are measurement categories based on the unit weight, product dimensions, and dimensional weight of a packaged item.

Most FBA fees use the Product size tier attribute.

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Will Amazon update the FBA fee automatically once the weight is different or do I have to contact them? Any tips?

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You need to ask them to remeasure, otherwise you will have to wait until the next time they have scheduled to check.

Go to Help, type “remeasure request” in the “search help” box, an option opens on the right, choose “Remeasure FBA and confirm fees”. There will be an option to say that you have changed the packaging. Number entries are in imperial so unhelpful if you are based in UK/EU.

You should only do this after you have sent more stock and in reality, I don’t know whether Amazon will remeasure the new stock or not. Knowing them, they will choose a random item which could be old stock. To be sure they choose the correct stock and if it doesn’t mess up your systems, create a new sku for the new packaging while keeping the correct ASIN (use “add another condition”). This will give you a new FNSKU.


Thank you for the detailed response, this is very helpful :slight_smile:

They claim to measure the units every time a new shipment arrives. After changing your packaging, take pictures of the new packaging Including width, depth, height next to a ruler or measuring tape, and a photo of the unit on a scale.

After your updated units are received, check the measurements. If they are incorrect, contact Seller Support and request FBA do a measurement check.

I suppose @AmazonUKForumRefugee method might work if you are in the UK. There is no equivalent support option on the Amazon.com platform.

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Thank you @FunkyMonkey , I will try and update my post once I have any news.

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You’re welcome. We’ll anxiously await the outcome.