Low traffic on my second ad

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Hope you are all well. I had a query in regards to Amazon ads. I set up a advertising campaign on Amazon at the start of September and it performed really well. So well to the point where I completely sold out of stock and had no inventory for a short period of time, and as a result had to stop running the ad. I have since restocked and I am back running ads again, however, it not performing no where near as well as it did in September. I had a look at the business reports and can see that there’s no where near as much traffic on the listing as before. If you stop running your ads for a couple weeks, does this influence the performance of the campaign when you re-start it?

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Your restocking must have caused a BSR drop. Also, you can’t stay on the same prices always.

You would have to optimize your listing/offer according to the market offers. Check your competitors’ offers and prices and then set yours accordingly.

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If you have very little or no reviews, that is the first problem that directly affects your click through rate and when people don’t click on your listing, your rankings don’t stick

And when your rankings don’t stick, you lose visibility on your listing, which results and less sales

Which makes you more reliant, and totally reliant on PPC in order to get sales which is a recipe for failure

So what needs to happen is you need to get more reviews while I realize most people don’t actually have a system for doing that within TOS

As at the end of the day, success on Amazon really comes down to three things:

  1. ranking

  2. CTR

  3. conversion percentage

Feel free to reach out if you need clarifications or have questions happy to help 

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I would put the order in reverse - Amazon only really cares about conversions, and award ranking based on it.

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