Lost bank card - suspension?


I have lost my bank card linked to my Amazon seller account and have requested a new card from the bank.

I know that the change in these details is a trigger for Amazon and could result in suspension - should I do anything whilst waiting for my new card to arrive? What is the best way to deal with this?

I currently don’t have any active listings but I will need to create a new FBA listing soon. I also currently have a design infringement report on my account (I have deleted this item now) so I am weary that I am not in Amazon’s good books at the minute!!

Also, the card I had registered was a debit card, and I have been thinking about opening a business bank account but again was weary about suspension/being blocked. Would it be beneficial to make the swap over now?

Appreciate the help!


Any changes in a bank account, ie from personal to business banking, will require verification anyway which can be a slow process. However, adding a new card is not usually a problem if the bank account it is attached to remains the same. We have just replaced ours after it was cloned. This card is also a debit card.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Ok that is reassuring. I have the monthly amazon payment due to come out of my account tomorrow, so I have messaged seller support letting them know my situation and asking whether I should put in the details of a spare card for now until I receive a new one for this account. Did you contact seller support or need to do this too?

No, I simply replaced the card on the account. There is no need to contact SS when you change a card because it’s only your charge method.

Ok, I have closed the case I opened to avoid any confusion with them!

Thank you for responding to this, hopefully it goes smoothly for me like it did for you.

Thank you

No problem. Good luck :slight_smile: