Looking to start selling on Amazon with my partner and have some questions

Without links can someone answer these questions for me please?

*what are the Amazon monthly sellers fee?

*what is the cubic foot price?

*what is the fulfillment fee and what does it include?

*what is the processing fee?

*what info do I provide as a seller?

*how much is shipping and how is it calculated? How much to include Amazon prime?

*customer returns… who pays for it Amazon or seller? How much and what options to pay for returns?

*if product breaks during shipping, who is responsible amazon or seller.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Sure, I can answer your questions without using any links. Here are the answers:

  • The Amazon monthly sellers fee varies depending on the type of account you have. For individual sellers, it’s $0.99 per item sold, while professional sellers pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99.

  • The cubic foot price, also known as the storage fee, is charged for storing your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. The exact price depends on the time of year and the size of your products.

  • The fulfillment fee is the cost of Amazon handling the picking, packing, and shipping of your products. It includes storage, packaging materials, and shipping to the customer. The fee varies based on the size and weight of the product.

  • The processing fee is a fee charged for each order placed on Amazon. It covers the costs associated with processing payments and providing customer service.

  • As a seller, you’ll need to provide information like your business name, contact information, bank account details for payments, and tax identification number (if applicable).

  • Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of your products. Amazon offers a shipping calculator to estimate the costs. If you use Amazon Prime, the shipping is included for Prime-eligible products.

  • For customer returns, the responsibility and cost depend on the reason for the return. If it’s a buyer’s remorse or a general return, the seller usually pays for the return shipping. If it’s a defective or damaged item, Amazon may cover the return costs.

  • If a product breaks during shipping, it’s generally the responsibility of the seller to ensure proper packaging and protection. However, it’s important to check Amazon’s policies and guidelines for specific cases.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.


1 Monthly fee is $39.99

2 Cubic feet price depends on your product dimensions.

3 Fulfillment fee is according to product. Amazon show FBA fees when you make listing.

4 Your have to provide all necessary information related to your product.

5 Seller is responsible for customer returns.

6 If product breaks during shipping seller is responsible.


Thank you so much for detailed guidance :slight_smile: