Looking for tips how to launch a private label product


I´m starting with amazon FBA and want to learn it properly. Can anyone recommend where to learn or a coach/trainer from personal experience?

Thank you.

All the relevant info can be found online for free. There are plenty of blogs and tutorials on Youtube. Try to find some good products with a free product research tool like code2asin. Keepa is also free and has a relativly inexpensive pro version. Some people also like Helium10 which is more expensive. Good luck.

Its good that you are interested in learning first. There are lots of content available for free on YouTube, you can learn from there. Search for playlist on YouTube rather then individual video. In that way you will get synchronized content. Also if you need any assistance then you can ask in this forum as well. Many experience sellers are available here. If you still need any specific guidance then I myself do Wholesale FBA in US market. I can guide you for free.

Hope it helps

To successfully launch a private label (PL) in the USA, it is recommended to have a budget of at least $10,000 for pre-launch activities and initial inventory. An additional $10.000 should also be allocated for the second round of inventory and advertising expenses to achieve desired results.

But I’d recommend you to go for Amazon BA wholesale it is a less risky and quicker way to generate profits (15-25% ROl within few months) as products come from established brands. Private label takes time (1-2 years) to get handsome profits. The choice depends on risk tolerance, investment timeline, and business goals