Looking for the best sales estimation software

Hi Everyone ! :blush: I’ve been selling on Amazon for 5 months now Whole Sale business model in the UK marketplace. Small volume orders. It’s been going really well and I’m making very good ROI.

Currently I’m selecting the products myself based on a number of factors and because I only order small volumes they all sell in a reasonable time frame.

Now my funds have grown I want to make the next step and place much larger orders with wholesalers. Obviously I’m aware of jungle scout and helium 10. They still seem like a bit too much in terms of both cost and complexity for where I am right now.

Could anyone tell me the best software (and it might be JS or H10) for telling you approximately how many of a certain EAN/ASIN number sell per month/week/day? I feel I don’t need much more than that right now as my selection process is working well and I’m taking it slowly and finding my feet one step at a time. I just want the confidence to know how long my stock will hang around for when I place a large order.

Thanks in advance.

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That is not the issue, its what amazon can do to your account. Keep in mind with the more you sell, you will have competitors and amazon themselves attacking your sales/account. That can lead to big losses.

You can “guesstimate” from your current sales if the item is a need. If its a want, no software will be able to forecast that with any reliability.


I am looking for good arbitrage finds if you know what I mean

Hi there, I suggest you get a subscription to Keepa. Estimated sales of software do vary, and I am really not sure how their algorithm works, but Keepa can also be your guide. You can look at the BSR drops and sales per month on the statistics and data offers.

Hope this helps and Congratulations on making it this far. It’s still a long way to go and hope to see more positive results for your business.


Yes, you will more than likely be on here asking for help with your suspension…

We are RA but SellerAmp will show you all of this you are speaking of.

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