Looking for suggestions how to get rid of FBA inventory

Hello forum members,

I am facing an issue with inventory. I need suggestions for the inventory removal from Amazon. We have tried every option to increase sales but all failed now we want to get rid of the inventory. Please suggest some good ways to get rid of the inventory.
I am not US based, so cannot have it sent back to me.


Do you know anybody in the US that you can have the goods removed to?




Just list it for enough to cover your amazon fees. If that is still too high dispose of it so amazon can sell it to a liquidator and some other amazon 3p seller will buy it. That is called rinse and repeat.




One option to get rid of excess inventory on Amazon is to run promotions or discounts to attract more buyers. As others mentioned, you can also consider selling the inventory to liquidation companies, including using Amazon Liquidations or exploring other online marketplaces. Hope this helps

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what is a good liquidation company?

We use the dumpster.

You have to make a hard decision, it comes down to the solution that is the less painless of the two. If it is less than a $2000 USD, just give it to amazon, take your loss, go in your office and cry, wipe your eyes and then do your homework better.

Only way you will make money is to move forward, learn from your mistakes and try your best not to repeat them.

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Have it removed to a friend’s address in the US and then collect it once you travel to the US at some point. Prep-centers and shipping internationally would exceed the product value. Liquidation would let you recover some 10% or even less. Amazon doesn’t offer liquidation for products that are not selling at all.