Looking for guidance about packaging my FBA products

Hello all.

I’m quite new to FBA and am getting ready to send in a product. I’m so confused about shipping. I’m going to be using B-Fluted boxes that I ordered with logo. The size is 14x4x16.8 inch. Im going to be bubble wrapping inside these boxes to protect the item inside of it. Then I think we will put 4 in a single carton.

Am I doing this right? Do I need to then put packing in the carton? Please advise.

Also I noticed when amazon ships they put boxes in amazon boxes.

They wont do this to my product right?

Pack your single product in a way that you believe will survive being sent out to customers by Amazon. In particular, it must survive a drop test from around 1 metre onto a hard surface. If you want/need to bubble-wrap it, then do so but bear in mind that Amazon charges by volumetric weight or actual weight, whichever is higher but if the bubble wrap is inside your selling unit, this won’t be a problem. Ensure that the relevant barcode is placed on the pack.

Then pack as many as you want in a shopping carton for sending to Amazon. Max 23kg weight and 63cm in length. Label the box as required.

Plenty of info in Seller University. Make sure you watch and understand all relevant videos.

PS. Sorry, I don’t do inches and pounds :rofl:


If you are selling singles and packaged as singles, AMZ will ship you product and box in one of theirs. I am presuming you are doing private label.

If you are boxing with four in a box and selling as singles, they will discard your box.

To ship to Amazon, you want to send bulk quantities on a pallet as single sku. If you are using AMZ shipping sending to them UPS, you want as many as a carton as possible to minimize cost. Dunnage should be added to cartons if shipping UPS as they are not gentle.

Pallets are better handled if you have enough product and space allowed to ship such quantities


Amazon will take your box and put it in their box

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Thank you for the helpful reply, what is the difference between volumetric and actual weight?

Also, if I put 4 units inside the box padded with bubble wrap, how will Amazon know that the units need to be separated and not sold as the whole box?

Should the FBA FNSKU labels be attached to the product or placed on the outside of the bubble wrap into which it is wrapped?

Thank you for the detailed response. Will Amazon know that the box is supposed to be opened and units sold separately?

It can be massive if your item is large but light. Amazon now determine the weight to be charged as either the actual weight of the selling unit OR the dimensional/volumetric weight, whichever is the greatest. The dimensional or volumetric weight (same thing) is calculated as length x width x height divided by 5000. The measurements are in cm and the result is in kg.

I don’t know if this is the same in markets other than UK/EU and how you do the calculation. I am UK only.

Do make sure you read and read again the FBA rate relevant to your marketplace.

The selling unit is whatever you attach the FNSKU label to. So if you have 4 boxes inside a shipping carton, you label each box. The shipping carton MUST NOT have a FNSKU label on it.

Place the label outside the box that contains the item and the bubble wrap.


Thank you, makes sense :slight_smile:

Okay, so will Amazon unwrap it to scan the FBA barcode, or will they store it in their warehouses while it’s still covered with some protective wrapping?

I get the feeling I haven’t quite made myself clear. My fault. Not knowing what the item is doesn’t help.

Let’s go back to step 1.

Will your item in its packaging withstand a drop test without any bubble wrap? Then don’t bubble wrap it and make sure it is labelled with the FNSKU barcode. That is your selling unit and Amazon will scan it on receipt to identify your product and when they pick it for despatch to customers.

If it needs bubble wrapping, then bubble wrap EACH ITEM. Then label the outside of the bubble wrap with the FNSKU label.

Put however many you want in a shipping carton and label the outside of the carton with the FBA label (NOT the FNSKU label) and the courier label.

If you want to use additional bubble wrap for extra transit safety, put bubble wrap in the shipping carton but don’t sellotape it closed and don’t label the bubble wrap.

I hope this helps.

Do look at the many relevant videos on Seller University (not You Tube). They can be very helpful, especially for first timers.


Oh, thank you! :slight_smile: Now I understand. I will definitely look for the videos…