Looking for guidance about FBA

hi there,

i just set up my European Amazon account and i plan to start using the FBA in Poland and sell to all European countries. However since i have issued only polish VAT i am allowed to store products only in Poland but my products can be displayed in other European amazon sites too.

I need someone to guide me in the process, to add products in the platform, to help me pack and prepare the first shipment to FBA and so on…

thanks in advance

Set up your Amazon seller account and choose the Professional selling plan. This plan will give you access to all of Amazon’s features, including FBA.

Register for VAT in Poland. This is required if you want to store your products in Poland and sell them to customers in other EU countries.

Create your product listings. Make sure to include all the relevant information, such as product title, description, images, and pricing.

Prepare your products for shipping. This includes labelling them correctly and packing them securely.

Ship your products to Amazon’s fulfilment centre in Poland.

Once your products are in Amazon’s fulfilment centre, they will be available for sale to customers in all European countries. You will only be charged for the storage and shipping fees, so you can focus on marketing and selling your products.


To deliver your inventory to Poland, you will have to create a listing on Amazon. Then, create a shipment plan where you will obtain packaging FNSKU and box labels. You will need to provide these labels to your supplier or prep service provider to paste them on the respective items and then deliver them to the warehouse.