Looking for advice on boosting sales as a newbie

Listed my first product (PL) a few days ago, so far 1 sale. Spending on ads about $30/day and my click-through rate is 0.33%.

Ultimately need more sales, it’s getting expensive very quick.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Are you running your ppc auto or manual? Because in auto you need to give more then a one week to see accurate results

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Here are some tips to help you improve your sales and optimize your advertising strategy:

1- Analyze Your Product Listing.

2- Keyword Research.

3- Optimized your ads.

4- Targeting and Audience Segmentation.

5- Adjust ad spend.

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Definitely stick with Manual and do not use automatic. And keep trying to add target words every couple of days.

Also I would use your social media to create ads

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Running both auto and manual.

After one week, check the results of auto. Pin out the keywords most giving impressions and click add them into manual and put them from auto to negative.

Optimize your listings

Use exact keyword targeting,

Start campaign with manual campaign then switch into auto campaign

A couple of days is not enough time to analyze your PPC Campaign. I started out on PL almost 2 months ago and on the first 3 weeks I was spending $50 -$80 per day without a lot of sales. ACOS was up to 200%. Now, almost 2 months later, and after a few PPC campaigns, I’m spending $30-$45 per day and selling 5-8 units per day but my total ACOS is still on the 50% range. I guess, it takes time to collect more data to refine your keywords, optimize your listing detail pages, and find better search terms to target so you can start improving your sales, your ACOS, and your Ad spending.

Auto campaign does not get me any clicks so far. Manual is the one that’s getting expensive. Why would you only use exact keyword targeting?

Thanks, this makes me feel better about my case. I guess in the beginning we all need few good reviews to get things started. Obviously, need sales for that lol

You CTR should be higher. Product title, product image, and price will all factor in. If you can’t pay for the ads with daily sales it probably isn’t the product you should be advertising for

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To get maximum sales you need to make your listings attractive, optimize listings and structure proper PPC campaigns.

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Thank you