Looking for a good repricer

Hey Fellows,

What’s a good repricer under 100$ in US marketplace?


Aura repricer

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Another repricer under 100 is Bqool

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one of the repricers I use is SellerToolKit .There are two subscriptions . One for inventory management and one for the repricer and both cost around 60-70 gbp.


Could you pls explain why people are buying repricer when amazon gives this service free?

Because I’m using Amazon repricer.


Amazon repricer is a discounter not a repricer :smiley:

With a 3rd party repricer software you have more flexibility , more features …


Is there any video of comparison?

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STK comes with a repricer? I did not know that!

Also STK (inventory management + repricer) is also available for the US market, and for which price in US dollars? (on the website, I see the price on GBP).

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There are two separate subs. One for Inventory management and one for the repricer. In order to be able to sign up for the repricer you will need sign up for the inventory management.

Stk works almost everywhere ( Eu /Uk/Usa/Canada /Australia etc)


STK is develpped by Norm Rogers, who also developped SellerAmp SAS, right?

I think this combination is perfect:

  • Calculator: SellerAmp

  • Inventory management & Repricer: Seller Tool Kit

I think these tools make the perfect combination because they are developed by the same company, therefore it will much simplier and huge time saver…

What do you think about my analysis?


Both softwares can be linked and do some magic (I love the integration).

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Thank you all for your suggestions. As a beginner, can I start with a combination.

I don’t want to waste a lot of time testing every single tool out there, and at the same time I do not want to found my business on poor tools only to find my self obliged to swith to other tools later down the road 🙂

So from your exprience, do you recommend to me to start with this combination (Keepa + SellerAmp + STK)?

Keepa is a must. SellerAmp is a good software which I use daily, and STK is important as it gives you a good overview of the business. By not using STK, you are actually losing money as STK notifies you when Amazon owes you money.

Bqool has $25/mo, $50/mo, $100/mo

I believe all these different versions do have the same feartures. The only difference between them is the limit of ASINs. So, for example, if you have under 1000 ASINs, the $25/month is enough. Am I right?

You can simply go on youtube and look at every single repricer mentioned then you will see the difference between amazon discounter and a 3rd party repricer and also select the best combination for your business