Long Standing Open Returns

Hi all,

Luckily in my business I get very few returns both in amount and value but I am curious about a number of longstanding returns that I have.

These are cases where the the return was “auto authorised” weeks ago and on most of these it looks like a return label was generated and the item collected by the courier. Yet these items have never arrived back.

In a former life I worked fighting financial fraud so my “gutometer” tells me that it is unlilkey that 95% of all my returned items will get lost in the post! So what is the potential scam here? Looking at the addresses of these cases they are mostly what I would regard as higher risk. I have messaged all these buys several times expaining I have not received the items back and not had a response from any of them…which also seems a bit fishy?

Do the customers get an automatic refund X days after generating the return label ?



don’t worry about this. Most returns never get sent back. No return = No refund


Auto authorized and carrier collected has to be the default. I can count the number of authorized returns we’ve had in the past few years on one hand. Not a single item was returned back. I understand how that works because I seldom send items back myself.

There are four reasons that sellers can contact buyers using the Amazon Buyer-Seller Message System. But, finding out where their return is is not one of them. Amazon customers don’t like to bothered. They may reward your kindness with negative feedback.

Better to just let the system work.


I agree with others, you will always have tons of unreturned open returns.


Hi @Jacob12,

don’t worry. My ‘never-returned’ return request also appear as collected by carrier.

But this is invalid.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your helpful advice