Login and Pay Integration: amazon is not defined error in Javascript

Please see this animation: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/saveeo/laravel/uploads/e8be4527cbc2b1f2e471146f20db0865.gif

Looks like your integration is not designed to work with async javascript frameworks like angular?
Perhaps that is the issue. Sometimes the button shows, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does’nt, that happens.

Based on the provided animation, it appears that there might be a compatibility issue between the Amazon Pay integration and your Angular framework. Asynchronous JavaScript frameworks like Angular can sometimes cause conflicts with third-party libraries or scripts.

Here are a few suggestions to address the issue:

  1. Check for conflicts: Make sure there are no conflicts between the Amazon Pay integration and Angular. Check if there are any JavaScript errors or conflicts in the browser console when the button doesn’t show up. Addressing any conflicts can help ensure smooth integration.
  2. Verify the integration approach: Ensure that you have followed the recommended integration approach for using Amazon Pay with Angular. Review the documentation or guidelines provided by Amazon Pay to see if there are any specific instructions or considerations when integrating with Angular.
  3. Use Angular directives or components: Consider creating Angular directives or components to encapsulate the Amazon Pay integration. This can help manage the integration more effectively within the Angular framework and ensure proper initialization and rendering of the Amazon Pay button.
  4. Contact Amazon Pay support: If you have followed the recommended integration approach and are still experiencing issues, it’s best to reach out to the Amazon Pay support team. They can provide specific guidance and support for integrating Amazon Pay with Angular and help troubleshoot any compatibility issues.

By addressing any conflicts, following the recommended integration approach, and leveraging Angular directives or components, you can improve the compatibility between the Amazon Pay integration and your Angular framework.