Listing unbranded product

Hello guys,

please I need some help. I am trying to list an item on Amazon without branding the item on Amazon.

Does this mean I do not need a UPC code to list my item ?

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If the product is already been sold on Amazon, you only need to create an offer for the product. So you do not need one.

If it’s a new product, you can either apply for a gtin exemption (applicable to some categories and private label product; might not be the best option) or buy UPC code from gs1.


Yes, you can list an item on Amazon without branding it, and you do not need a UPC code to do so. However, you will need to request a GTIN exemption from Amazon.

To do this, go to the Apply for a GTIN Exemption page in Seller Central and select the product category that your item falls into. Then, enter the brand or publisher name in the Brand/Publisher field. If your item is unbranded, type Generic (this is case sensitive).

Once you have entered all of the required information, click the Check for Eligibility button. If your product is eligible for a GTIN exemption, you will be able to submit a request. Amazon will typically review your request within 24-48 hours.

If your GTIN exemption request is approved, you will be able to list your item on Amazon without a UPC code. However, you will need to enter the exact product type where the GTIN exemption has been approved, and you will need to use the same brand name that you have the exemption for.


You need to list your product with upc

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If you want to list a product on Amazon without branding it, you can do so without a UPC code. However, you will need to follow certain steps to ensure that your product is listed correctly. You can list your product as a “generic” item, which means that it will not be associated with any particular brand. This can be done by selecting the “I do not have a brand” option when creating your listing.

If you are not enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry program, you may encounter an error code 5665 when trying to list your product. This error code occurs when you try to list a product under a brand name that has not gone through the Amazon Brand Registry process yet. However, there are ways to resolve this error and list your products without being brand registered on Amazon. You can follow the steps outlined in this article to resolve the 5665 error code and begin selling your products on Amazon