Listing suddenly disappeared from front page


Have you noticed a big change on your search result ?

One of our listing’s organic ranking was on front page for a long time when we used the main keyword to search, but just this afternoon(even this morning it’s on front page) it has disappeared from front page, and most of competitors listings have disappeared too.

Did Amazon change something ?

We’re having the exact same issue - a product of ours which has appeared on the first page for the past 3 months is now on the third page overnight. Most of the competitors under this search term have also dissipated. Spoke to Amazon and got the typical, your ASIN is active, try improving the title etc.

Hopefully someone will quickly find a resolution for this issue?

Same for us, search results are all over the place - same for our competitors also.

ASINs typically on page 3 or 4 are now the top search results. Could it be a temporary algorithm change to move old stock from FBA warehouses?? Or just a glitch in the matrix?

Yes i have noticed the same on my product keyword iwas number 2 only yesterday night, now since this morning near bottom of Page 1. Some of my competitors whose listings were in the top 10 have all but disappeared. Some on Page 4 for example. All this has happened since this morning.
Has something changed at Amazon like how they willl rank keywords, i have not seen any announcement of such lately so this is very random.

I can imagine that the reason why multiple sellers are seeing their listings losing position is that Amazon recently updated their algorithm to display more relevant results for each buyer, which differ based on their location, purchase history or whether they are Amazon Prime subscribers.