Listing successful reactivated via POA but warning remains. Possible to remove?

Hello I had my first listing removed due to a trademark issue. I contacted the trademark owner but they don’t seem to be willing to help despite me resolving the issue. I submitted my POA to Amazon which went surprisingly well and my listing was quickly reinstated, however, the policy violation remains visible on account. I’m wondering then if I should persist with complainant to try and get them to issue retraction, and in doing so would Amazon then remove complaint from my account? OR is it possible to pursue Amazon to remove the complaint without the need for retraction? Ideally I would not like to continue to communicate with the complainant any further as they seem dismissive, however I will continue to do so if required. Ideally I would like to simply have Amazon remove the complaint if possible, but would like to hear from those that have been in a similar position so as I can take the correct path with least resistance. Many thanks


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You have already e-mailed me and I answered your question but I will repeat it here for everyone to see.

Regarding your question:

Please note that defects will in most cases remain displayed on your performance dashboard even after you successfully appeal them, just for your own records.

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints can be normally appealed even if the rights owner who submitted them doesn’t cooperate and this was your case.

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Many thanks Kika.

Some people have said that after a successful appeal the “Received Intellectual Property Complaints” warning was removed from there account, so I’m trying to understand why it’s removed for some and not others.

If the rights owners were to send a retraction to Amazon, in your experience has this then removed the warning from your account, or did the warning remain on your account regardless?

Thank you

Amazon simply fails to remove some of the successfully appealed defects from seller’s dashboards, claiming that they remain there for your record.

But you can be confident that these are no longer negatively affecting your Seller Account.

The way of appealing doesn’t matter.

Awesome, that puts my mind at rest. Many thanks Kika :+1:

You are welcome, good luck :))