Listing pictures not showing

Hi Guys,

Listing is Up , But Listing pictures are NOT Showing. its been 1 hour since I have Uploaded the listing.
any ideas ?

It can take a full day or more

Your listing could be suppressed if the images aren’t meeting all requirements:

It could be due to the images not meeting Amazon’s standards for not having a pure white background, being low resolution, pixelated, including additional accessories, logos, text or graphics. Here you can learn more, in Amazon’s Product Image Requirements:

All images must be:

  • 500 px to 10,000 px on their longest side,
  • JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), TIFF (.tif), PNG (.png), or non-animated GIF (.gif) file formats, and
  • clear, unpixellated, and have no jagged edges.

Your main product image must:

  • Accurately represent the product as a realistic, professional quality image and not be a placeholder.
  • Have a pure-white background (RGB color values: 255, 255, 255). This allows us to create a consistent shipping experience for customers across search and product detail pages.
  • Show the product as 85% of the image.
  • Not have text, logos, borders, color blocks, watermarks, or other graphics covering the product or in the background. Products with multiple pieces must be relative in size, with no one piece enlarged.
  • Show the entire product within the frame of the image, not cutting off any part.
  • Not show accessories that aren’t included with purchase or any props that might confuse the customer.
  • Only show the product once in the image (example: front only and not both front and back).
  • Show only one unit of the product and any accessories that are included in the purchase. For multipacks or assortments, see further guidance in the section “Product category”.
  • Not include packaging, unless it’s an important product feature (for example, a carrying case or gift basket may be included).
  • Not show any part of a mannequin, regardless of the mannequin’s appearance. This includes being clear, solid-color, flesh-toned, framework or on a hanger.
  • Show a single shoe, facing left, at a 45-degree angle (applies to all footwear).
  • Show clothing accessories or multipacks flat with no model.
  • Be on a model if it is clothing in adult sizes. The model must be standing, not sitting, kneeling, leaning or lying down. However, we encourage representing various physical mobilities and models who use assistive technology, such as wheelchairs and prosthetics.

All product images, main or otherwise, must:

  • Accurately represent the product you are selling.
  • Match the product’s title.
  • Not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive. This includes both models and drawings.
  • Show children’s clothing flat with no model.
  • Not include customer reviews, five-star imagery, claims (for example, free shipping), or seller-specific information.
  • Not include any Amazon logos or trademarks, variations, modifications, or anything confusingly similar to Amazon’s logos and trademarks. This includes, but is not limited to, any words or logos with the terms “Amazon,” “Prime,” “Alexa,” or the Amazon Smile design
  • Not include any badges used on Amazon, or variations, modifications, or anything confusingly similar to such badges. This includes, but is not limited to “Amazon’s Choice,” “Premium Choice,” “Amazon Alexa,” “Works with Amazon Alexa,” “Best seller,” or “Top seller.” For more details on trademark usage, go to Intellectual Property Policy for Sellers - FAQ about Trademark.
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