Listing not selling

Hello people.

I have question about listing that I am selling(Wholesale FBA US). I have 100% buy box , 100.000 BSR (40 selling monthly according to revseller but reality is that I barely sell 5 ) . Good pictures, video, good product, been on PPC… What should I do?

Thank you in advance.

The reseller is likely to be overselling the sales numbers.

Try yourself in Jungle Scout Sales Estimator ( and see what that says. Whilst it is not necessarily accurate, it will give you an idea.

Remember that the sales estimate is across all sellers for that item.

Come back and tell us what JS said.


Having 5 sales per month sounds good if you are making a good profit and have a great variety of additional inventory.

Research your competition to see if there isn’t a better listing driving away your customers and make necessary improvements to become more competitive.

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What was your acos for PPC?

As @Muhammad says, I agree that your sales are not bad.

Try improving the keywords and photos.