Listing my first item

Good morning Guys! I’m looking to add my first product as FBM( retail arbitrage). Does it require UPC labels or I can just use the manufacturer label.

I haven’t gotten a printer as yet, thus the reason why I’m taking FBM route for now, if possible.

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For RA item you don’t need to create any listing.

You just need to do me too with brands listing and amazon will ask for invoice.

So just make sure you have valid invoice.


No, you don’t need UPC labels for FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) products. You can just use the manufacturer label. This is because Amazon doesn’t scan the barcodes of FBM products before they’re shipped to customers. The only time Amazon scans the barcodes of FBM products is when they’re returned to Amazon.

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Hello @William. Welcome to the Seller Forums!

You need a printer. How are you going to print packing slips and/or shipping labels? Handwriting them is very unprofessional. Especially, when it comes to tracking information.

You need to be very careful when selling RA (Retail Arbitrage) on Amazon. You just can’t list and sell anything. Many brand name products picked up at a “good price” require Approval to sell. Plus, the UPC codes on brand named products picked up at discount stores could differ from the actual brand name. This means you my have to create a new listing, where the UPC code probably won’t be accepted.

You need to research the products you intend to sell, and not by testing the items on the Amazon Seller app.

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