Listing for received FBA items unavailable

Hello beautiful people. Please can anyone help.

My FBA items are shipped, and Amazon has some of them received. My listing however says it’s unavailable.

Do I need to click something to make it live?

Out of 1k units, 500 are received according to them, while others are distributed further.

Thank you very much.

Sometimes it takes a while for them to check them in and send them to different warehouses. Make sure they are listed as FBA and not FBM. That happened to me once and I couldn’t figure out why receiving was taking so long. I had to switch it to FBA.


Thank you! Here is a screenshot if it helps:

Hello @evielyn

They could be in Reserved status. That’s typical after your items are received, and are being transferred to different Fulfillment centers. They could also be set aside for additional processing.

Check your Reserved Inventory report. You can search for your products by ASIN or FNSKU.


Thank you. This is really helpful.

It says:

Status: Pending FC Processing

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Hi @evielyn,

You are welcome, and thank you for the update.

Best wishes…