Listing discontinued versions of products

Here’s another question: Say I have some purple paper clips by the brand ‘Paper Paper Clips.’

I look up the paper clips and see that they no longer sell purple paper clips, but they do sell regular metal paper clips.

Can I still sell the purple paper clips?

Because that’s what’s going on here.

I have seen books with different covers being sold under the same ASIN, so I assume everything will be fine as long as I describe how my product is different and include pictures, right?

Hello @Frank9,

thank you for posting into our forum. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sell discontinued or different versions of a product on Amazon if they continue using the same UPC code and already have a new design / packaging.

If it’s just a variation, then you can create a variation to the existing listing. However, if a product is being sold under different packaging, it would no longer match the ASIN.

Try eBay.

I don’t think it will cause issues if you list it as “used” and attach images of the version you are selling.