Listing Dangerous Goods on Amazon

Trying to list a dangerous good. Amazon says it’s FBA eligible but I have to non partnered carrier. All quotes kill all profit. Any ideas?

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When you say FBA eligible, your product is already listed on Amazon and/or you have all the necessary dangerous goods documentation.

  • You can sell your item at a price high enough to cover the extra cost
  • You can FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) yourself
  • You could find another product that will sell well, and doesn’t need all the HAZMAT documentation, and can be shipped via Amazon Partnered Carrier

Sell hazmat product you need enroll yourself in amazon dangerous goods program. when to send products to amazon its generate only box labels not shipping labels. for shipping labels you can use any shipping service like fedex,


@usmanyousaf112 to enroll the FBA Dangerous Goods Program @Bookworm would still need to submit the SDS or exemption sheet

Acceptance is not automatic. There is a waitlist of those that want to participate in the FBA Dangerous Goods Program. Once on the waitlist, sellers will be notified when a chance to participate in the program becomes available.

FBA Dangerous Goods program


No need you try once

Thank you all for your insight

You’re welcome, and best wishes.