Listing changed to 2 pack


it looks like amazon decided to send two pack of my items for each sale instead of one and they added “2 pack” sign to the corner of the main picture.

I have been searching through the listing detail to see how can I fix it but no success. Please help me how to fix the problem.

I would really appreciate it.

Remove a pack of 2 all keywords from your listing including backend search terms and wait at least 24 hours

If that’s the duration your issue is solved then that’s great but if results are opposite then you should open a case in your seller central ASAP and explain your issue along with your ASIN, Amazon seller support will solve this issue

Amazon generally doesn’t make changes to listings, but someone with page control probably did. Another seller, perhaps?

Product Detail Page Rules

  • Create new detail pages for new products or versions.

  • You must not use an existing listing for a new version of a product. This includes changes in color, size, material, features, and product name. Instead, create a new product detail page for each new version.

You want to open a case with Seller Support to have the listing changed back. While you are at it, you want to file a complaint against the seller that made the change in violation of the Product Detail Page Rules.

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