List same product with different EAN


I can list a product on Amazon even if I have a different ean code than the one in the Amazon catalog (initial listing)

I made a test purchase from another seller and it has the same EAN code as the one I want to get from the distributor. (so it also has a different EAN code than the one in the amazon catalog.)

I spoke with the manufacturer and he has no problem with selling the product on Amazon and has no exclusivity, as long as the product is also available in the distributor.

And the manufacturer has no idea about these EAN codes from Amazon. He mentioned that they do not belong to him.

I ask you because I saw that only one seller sells it and I don’t want to have problems.

Is it possible for this seller to use other EAN codes to politicize the listing and remain alone on the listing? Isn’t that against Amazon policy?

Thank you

Yes, it is possible.

Yes it is.

One of many thousands of instances where Amazon systems allow sellers to break policy. Some will get caught and penalised, most will not.


so, will list our product there or not?
I can face IP complaint ?

The attached brand is the original one. only the EAN code is different.

I verify the EAN on GS1 and it`s say that is inactive.

Can this seller file an IP complaint if he does not own the brand?

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Even people that don’t own brands can file IP complaints on Amazon, for example, from a gmail address. Amazon simply don’t care and don’t want to be involved with IP disputes and will happily issue you with IP complaints.

So, I recommend you stay clear of this listing. In any case, once the bots find out that the EAN does not match the brand, they will block the listing and maybe issue you with a policy notice.

Your decision.


Normally, you should only list a product against an ASIN, as long as the UPC/ EAN matches the one on the listing.

However, I would say around 90% of products on Amazon are listed using incorrect barcodes.

If I were you, I would list against the ASIN anyway.

In case of any authenticity complaints, you would be able to appeal with legit invoices and no one will investigate the barcode, as long as the product is correct.

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Thank you

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