List of brands to be avoided by sellers

Some suppliers are selling certain products to Amazon sellers by claiming they have them in their warehouse. They trick sellers who are tempted by the profits and buy these fake products from unreliable sources. These brands are aware of this situation and are charging on the sellers aggressively as all of them are selling fake products. Here’s a list of brands I want to avoid unless bought directly from the real manufacturer. It’ll really help those who are new to selling on Amazon:

ALASTIN Skincare



Drunk Elephant

Dodge Ram Filter (automotive)

Global Knife


Iconic Cosmetics


la prairie

Paula’s Choice


Slip Silk Mask


IT Cosmetics

The Ordinary


Swann morton

Tarte Shape Cosmetics



Balance Of Nature

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I heard there are big problems with fake products in the Usa.

Thank you for sharing. Be careful with selling the brand LifeVac. A friend of mine got a TRO, same as I got from Care Bears…

After TRO what is the best practices to refrain from any disbursement hold and get it cleared from our account

Whats TRO?

Temporary restriction order …

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Yes. Most of the people are selling Chinese copies of these brands.

Then i understand why they are so agresive against resellers

Thank you for sharing