Letter of Authorization


I am in the process of getting a Letter of Authorization from a company. Do I need to show it to a lawyer? Do we have a template for an LOA anywhere? What things do I need to look out for in the letter? Any help will be appreciated, as I am new to all this.

Thank you.

You only need the LOA for ungating, fighting certain violations, and that’s pretty much everything. Just keep it safe in case you ever need it.

No, you don’t. It’s not a contract, just a letter which you can provide to Amazon at some point, if they ask for it.

Feel free to use this template:


I think no need to show it to anyone. Keep in touch with your supplier and submit your LOA to Amazon for ungating and listing those products.

If you feel any rejection or issue then ask your supplier to correct and solve the issue.

Keep the letter safe with you, it should be available in case Amazon asks for it. Amazon can ask for LOA if you’re trying to ungate the brand or you have a Section 3 violation on your account.

A very good example was posted by Kika. Regarding the format I can say that the LOA should have the following:

  1. Should be on Brand/Company Letter with company address and contact details (number, email, fax), etc

  2. Should have statement that XYZ (your company) is authorized to resell their products on Amazon

  3. Should be stamped and signed

  4. Not sure about this but LOA usually have a validity date and that should be mentioned. Only LOA I have received from a brand had the validity date of LOA

You are highly unlikely to get an LOA. Much easier to just buy 10 products to get ungated.

Thank you so much. Can the brand withdraw the LOA after sometime ?

Yes, they can.