Letter of authorization

If a supplier’s policy is to not provide a letter of authenticity in case Amazon asks for it, but sells authentic makeup products, is it wise to buy from them or move on to the next?

The products are profitable though, but not sure if its a good idea or not!

I’m sure you know the answer to this. Or are you hoping that someone will say “Don’t worry about it, it will be ok”?

When you have invoices, it should be fine. Letter of authorization is mostly needed when you have a suspension - serious one with many complaints from different brands / customers.

I assume Amazon won’t ask for every product? Is it rare when Amazon needs authenticity proof?

No they don’t ask for every product but it is certainly not rare. It usually tends to come when a customer makes a complaint or comment and more common for some products (eg cosmetics) that others.

If you don’t have it when requested, it’s a big problem. Any stock you may have with Amazon could be destroyed by them at your cost.

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