Launching my first FBA listings


I’m wading through the process of starting FBA and think I have found the product I want to purchase and list. My one question, for now, is how/when do you get product photos taken?

If I start the process of procuring the item with a supplier and having my logo placed on it, do I get another sample prior to finalizing the purchase or does the supplier send images?

Thank you

I wish you all the best with your product but try to sell it out side Amazon or any aggregator you will get real profit


I’ve just been through that process for my first product. With the supplier, they will ask more money to do a proper sample but if you go ahead with your shipment, then they can give you samples and you only pay for shipping the sample.


PL? Get customized sample first

So I’d place my bulk order for shipment to AMZ and then have them send me a sample of the product?

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Yes you can get your samples when you do a bulk order. Otherwise you can get samples before your big order but would have to pay extra. Maybe $50-$75?

It’s different with each supplier. But often, getting a sample that looks perfect doesn’t mean that this is what your other products will look like.

I had it happen to me that I received 20 pieces of final samples of the product, only to receive something completely different.

Pay by card and use trade assurance.