Launching my brand


couple of questions for you all. I’m in the process of setting up my brand in brand registery. I already own 1000 upc codes. Will I be required to put a Fnsku barcode on the items as well as the upc code since I’ll be the only seller of these items?

Also does it matter what type of adhesive is used for upc barcode labels, do they need to be removable?

Thank you.

It might be possible to use the manufacturer barcodes but Amazon sometimes don’t allow it. Not sure how they decide.

If you will only sell the items on Amazon, why don’t you have the factory print the FNSKU on the pqckaging instead of the UPC? This is what I have done for some of my items.

Whatever you do, there should only be 1 barcode visible.

Re labels, I believe that the labels have to be peelable/removable.


UPC barcodes are used while creating the new listing and you can use UPC barcode or either FNSKU barcode both are fine but it will be better to use FNSKU labels if you will do FBA.

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Thank you both. If UPCs are only used when creating the listing, then will it suffice to print the FNSKU barcodes on my items?


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