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Hi Amazon Sellers

I’m seeing since few days that when someone comes & says that I’m facing order cancellation with retailers whats an issue ? So majority of answers are “Billing address & shipping should be same”.

Now my question is let’s suppose I want to start my Amazon business but I’m not US resident so what can I do ? As I will get prep centre which is in Delaware & LLC is in Florida ? Shipping & billing address will be different.

Now we see if that’s the case so we have to form LLC in sales tax free states ? Because we want prep centre in sales tax free states to avoid tax.

Hopefully my question is cleared…Thanks

I’ve seen people have problems with trying to start Amazon business when they don’t live in the US. That, I really can’t help you with. Others on here will be better able to advise you.

But, why are you creating your LLC in Florida? Why not do all of your business in Delaware? Form the LLC in Delaware, ship stuff to and from Delaware, and become a Delawarean. (I actually don’t think “Delawarean” is a real word.) I say simplify your life and do all of your business in Delaware. If you do it like this in two different states, taxes gets complicated.

Probably, you will have to pay some income taxes. But remember, if you are paying taxes on your profits, it means you made money. And that’s to be celebrated. I think eventually, you will find the complications not worth it such that you will regret the complications of being in two states.

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To address your concern:

Form LLC: Form your LLC in a sales tax-free state like Delaware.

Prep Center: Use a prep center in the same state to avoid sales tax.

Address Consistency: Ensure billing and shipping addresses match as much as possible to avoid cancellations.

For more details PM please

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Thank you for such detailed reply.

Its mean I have form LLC in any sales tax free state because we don’t know that I’ll get prep in which sales tax free state…

To tackle this issue first I have to find prep then form LLC in that state, am I right ? Also is it correct that if our prep isn’t in sales tax free state so we can get exempt our tax through resale certificate?

Yes, it is true, you can get a sales use and tax permit (resale certificate) through the state. All items purchased for resale will be tax exempt. But not the cost to prep.

Make sure to give it to all your distributors. And even have a copy on you wherever you go.

Just do wholesale

Okay…Thank you so much

Yeah, wholesale is a game changer but If I’m starting so it will be hard for me to place big orders that’s why want to start with OA.

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