Late shipment rate

I marked 4 FBM orders late by a few minutes (even though wassent and now my account is saying “Your account is at risk of deactivation Your Late Dispatch Rate is 20%, the target is 4%.” What shall I do apart from making the % lower ? Shall I call amazon?

You can just open a case in seller support and explain and hope for the best, and learn for next time not to be late ! Don’t waste your time calling, they are very unhelpful


Don’t call amazon, Sell more and despatch on time will lower the metric. Buy a fast selling item for pence and sell even for a loss to get the metric down as the worry you have over 2 months can affect you. Worse time of year for late despatch. Something like glue dots put in envelope and post using amazon shipping. Yes you might lose £50 but saves your account.


Fortunately Amazon will also look at the volume as well as % normally. So if 1-2 orders weren’t dispatched on time on a rare occasion, the automatic warning and status change may come, but Amazon are very unlikely to take action on this unless the volume increases