Large discrepancy between ad spend and billing costs


During the month of March our Ad Spend was $4,020.99.

I downloaded a monthly transaction report for March and the totals for “Cost of Advertising” totals $11,474.75 - almost 3x the amount I would expect to see.

This makes our overall Amazon fees just over 45% instead of 26% - a massive difference.

I cannot get to the bottom of this and trying to call the advertising team I just got uninterested staff who I could barely understand and said they would raise with an internal team and could take 5 business days.

I wonder if I am missing something glaringly obvious here? Any help massively appreciated.


I would recommend you to review your monthly transaction report and ensure that all the costs attributed to advertising align with your actual ad campaigns and expenses.

It’s also worth double-checking the parameters and filters applied when generating the report to ensure that the data reflects the desired timeframe and accurate breakdown of costs. Sometimes, incorrect or unintentional settings can lead to distorted reporting figures.

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While I cannot directly access your specific account details. I can provide you with some general suggestions to help you address the situation.

Verify that you have correctly interpreted and compared the figures from your Ad Spend and the monthly transaction report. Ensure that you are comparing the same time periods, and consider any additional fees or costs that might be included in the monthly report.

Take a closer look at your advertising campaigns on Amazon. Check if there were any changes or adjustments made during March that could have affected the costs. Examine the campaign settings, targeting options, bid amounts, and any additional features that might have contributed to higher expenses.

Besides the monthly transaction report, check if there are more detailed advertising reports available to you. These reports may provide a breakdown of costs by campaign, keyword, or product, which could help identify any specific areas where the expenses might have increased unexpectedly.

I hope this guidance helps you in resolving the issue. Good luck, and I hope you can achieve a satisfactory resolution.

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