KITCHENAID, Cuisinart wholesalers

I got a question- where can I find wholesalers/distributors of well known brand in small appliances, such as KITCHENAID, Cuisinart ?


By approaching brands itself.

Use google

Finding wholesalers is not easy.

Use Keepa to enter your criteria by choosing categories in which you want to explore.

Then, results will come in the form of products from various brands.

After that, search for the products of these brands by typing ‘wholesale’ or ‘distributors’

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You can buy that stuff new off the shelf from big box stores at a much better price than you will ever get from a “distributor”. Buy huge volumes directly from the store during the holiday “special” season.

List after all the holiday promotions are finished.

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Yes, but this will only work if they are already approved to sell the brands.

Amazon doesn’t accept retail receipts, does it?

If that was the case amazon would go dark in 30 days.
All you have to do is analyze all the other sellers and you know what their game is.

Just have to watch what you are doing, the number getting caught and posting on the forum is nano-scale compared to those actively doing it. Pretty sure that those getting shut down directly by amazon and not an legitimate IP issue are doing more stuff.

They seem to be not telling the entire truth and should be shut down, good example are those selling short date goods as new, batteries and etc. Some could be under investigation for selling stolen goods, who really knows other than amazon and the seller.


I totally get where you’re coming from, but I’m a complete newbie. From what I’ve seen on the forums, it seems like a lot of new sellers just randomly get asked for invoices. I’d prefer to play it safe at first and maybe dive into some riskier stuff once I’ve got a bit of a track record.

Devoting time and energy to ebay and amazon is a huge risk regardless if you play by the rules. Even eBay has recently turned toxic and so much BS goes on with amazon that could get you shut down at any second. You are making the comparison that is analogous to the “going from the frying pan then into the skillet”.

Keep in mind the majority of the sellers squawking about getting the boot deserved it…I will stand with amazon on that. So DO NOT listen to what is being said online. Do your own due diligence and make a solid decision based upon what is actual fact.


What happened to eBay? I was just thinking about setting up an account. Is it worse than Amazon?

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In my opinion, yes, they started doing some stuff that I cannot comment on at this time.