Kindly help me to understand between these statements


Kindly explain me what is technical difference between these two statements that Amazon send to sellers in product authenticity deactivations.

  1. You account is deactivated because we have concerns about the authenticity of the item listed at the end of email.

  2. We have taken this measure because you are offering items that may be inauthentic

Kindly explain in details



according first statement amazon thinks that your product is inauthentic and sometime they ask for supply chain
and in second statement I think you have received customer complain about product


In fact in both cases, account are deactivated and Amazon are requesting invoices.

But here I have one question, In statement 1 how Amazon can know if products are inauthentic as in second case due o customers complaint its clear.


This appears to be a random account review over a new seller who is listing popular branded products.

This wording could be related to an Authenticity Customer Product Condition Complaint.

Normally, you will be asked for a Plan of Action in case of a customer complaint. Account reviews only require invoices.


Thanks for your response.

How to deal with account that are under review? Amazon is asking for invoice which I don’t have.

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If you don’t have any invoices, then where did you purchase the products?

There are two situations
One: Invoice is there but we buy from China and Walmart ( Amazon will never accept these invoices)
Second: We just list a product and don’t but it. Don’t send any inventory to Amazon Warehouse. But Amazon is asking for invoice. How to deal with these two situations?


Then, you will need to admit that you don’t have any invoices that comply with Amazon’s requirements, delete all of your current inventory and purchase new stock from a different supplier who will provide you valid invoices.

Hi, I can delete all the inventory but how to convince Amazon for invoices for other products?, as Amazon is only asking for old invoices of mentioned ASINS ?

Suppose I delete all the inventory and upload new invoices, Amazon will simply reject it and will say you do not provide us with enough information. upon call they will say to provide us mentioned product old invoice

Kindly help me out.

Yes, you should have deleted the previous inventory already, prior to offering to provide new invoices.

How I can offer new invoice? More preciously my question is Amazon is mentioning a ASIN and asking for its invoice. I need to delete the inventory (ASIN) and then request Amazon for new invoices? In fact there is only place for invoice no appeal option given.

Yes, if you are going to follow the strategy of providing invoices for new products, then you need to remove the ASIN and contact Account Health Team to update your account with notes.