Keywords not showing

New to advertising and would like to see/amend my keywords and how they’ve performed during my recent campaigns.

Following the Seller video - navigate to Campaign Manager - Click Campaign Name - Click Keywords

I don’t have a keywords option nor do I have this option in the reporting tool !

I have Ad Group - Placement - Negative Keywords - Campaign Settings - Advertising Report

Where have I gone wrong? Thank you.

Sounds like you created a campaign with Automatic Targets and not Manual.

Even with Auto, you can still download a report of the keywords Amazon decided were good - this is useful for creating a further campaign with manual targets.

Thank you, that makes more sense. I’ve looked at reporting and the keywords are not showing. Are you able to talk me through the steps please. Thanks

There are a lot out there more knowledgeable than me! Or, reach out to the advertising team - they are usually quite keen to help you increase the spend!