Keywords for Amazon Sponsored Ads & Listings

Hi everyone,

Would like to know what everyone on here uses to find good keywords to use on their listings as well as for Amazon Sponsored ads (running in manual mode of course) ?

I have tried a few free sites as well as some trials on the paid sites that provide a service to get you the best amazon keywords. I found no difference between the free and paid ones, same results. However most of the keywords don’t work, I get 0 impressions on them.

So most of the keywords that do work for us the ones I’ve come up with and some through Amazon’s Sponsored ads (running in Auto mode).

I’ve also tried using google to search for keywords used on other product listings but didn’t really help as I already had them on my listing that they were using.

Does anyone have a better recommendation or method that they use? Would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


I try a few keywords for a month or two, dropping ones that do not generate sales. Mix of general and item specific. And priced to get some clicks.
Some keywords are simply too expensive to use - page 1 being a dozen times what I want to pay per click.

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