Just wondering what the best way to set up colour variations for a product would be?

From my understanding I duplicate the listing I want to add variations too and then go to variations and add the color variation/s.

My question is how do I do this correctly if my product will come in white and pink options.

  1. Should I create a separate duplicate listing with each color variation?


  1. Should I create 1 duplicate listing with the following colour variations
  • white

  • pink


  1. Do I only create a color variation and just work on the assumption the main listing will be the primary color?

Sorry if this question is silly it’s quite confusing.

I tried option 2 and then ended up with 4 listings

Parent listing

White listing

Pink listing

And another white listing?

So I deleted the duplicates and will start again once I have more info

I’m doing this currently and it is confusing. I’ve been told you make a listing for pink, then a listing for white. Then a third parent listing that has variations of your colors. Do option 1. The parent listing you add colors and sku and that’s what ties everything together into one listing.

The video I watched last night suggested it was the opposite.

Parent listing

Then a child listing with the 2 color variations then you tie it all together by putting the Asin of the parent listing into the Asin part.

I could be wrong though I was going to test it tonight

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Well. Let me know what works for you. I have 4 variations to do and when I finished the first listing, Amazon froze up and think it’s lost.

If Amazon froze while setting up variations, refresh the page, try a different browser.

Choose option 2: Create one duplicate listing with both White and Pink as variations under a parent listing for a clean and organized setup.

Option 2 was the correct option, I just didn’t link it correctly to the ASIN the first time around :smile:

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Thanks! All done


Turns out according to this video the correct way to do it was options 1 and then 2 and then linking them together with a parent listing using the SKU’s and ASIN’s.

If I click on the parent listing should it now be showing me the options to change between the colours? Or Is there any way to know if i’ve done it correctly?

It is not correct to rely on some self-proclaimed “guru” on YouTube. Seeking advice off the Amazon platform, might not end well.

Amazon has put all the information together for you.How do I create variations? It’s a good place to start.


Very helpful, thanks a lot

You’re very welcome, and all the best…