Just a little message to every business owner that is feeling extremely confident in their abilities while they are thriving

True value of you as an entrepreneur shows when everything goes south.

The way you act these times proves if you are worthy of your success or not.

When you have a shortage of cash, what you decide to do with your capital.

If you only think about yourself and your own pocket that’s a huge NO!

As an entrepreneur you are responsible for every team member in your business… So forget about your well being and think about everyone else’s.

Stay strong and make sure everyone is comfortable and at a later stage they will look after YOU!

Some words of wisdom from me.


@masud530 an incredible post, I love it 🙏🏽

It’s a very powerful post that will have different meaning to different people.

All our journeys are different. All our reasons for what we do will be different. There is no right or wrong.

However as you have asked me directly, I’m more than happy to share my prospective and take the time to share. I hope it helps or adds to the conversation 🙂

I’ve always believed that the greatest superpower to any business is the people/team within it. When done correctly (we can’t to do everything right all the time, and that’s ok, we are all learning, growing from every experience) you can achieve things in your business that may have seemed impossible at some point in the past.

On the surface, that may sound cliché, but if we dig a little deeper, peel back the layers a little, what does this mean really mean?

Let me break this into 3 parts.

Part 1 - You.

When you decide to embark on an epic adventure and journey of a life time which risks your life and your families life, you should never take these decisions lightly. We never do. Just starting is hard. Quitting your career is hard. Expanding your comfort zone is hard.

You do it because you are pulled and compelled by the reasons you have. Something may have happened or experienced over a period of time, either by inspiration or desperation. I call this the “ignite trigger point”. You become urgent. You may deeply desire freedom or you may deeply wish to provide for your loved ones or you may want to escape the suffering you are facing. Or you simply just want to make this one lifetime you have the best you possibly can, to do what you can, to live life to the maximum. Everyone is different, each to their own. Must likely a combination of them all.

However, you have so much belief and courage in what the unknown road ahead will bring you, you are willing to go all in and make it happen. Anything less than this, you just won’t have the energy to last decades, you’ll burn out, not have the consistency, the stamina etc. It has to come from pull motivation, not will power.

Part 2 - Your First Team Members (1 - 10)

Now think of this from your teams point of view starting at your first ever team members that you recruit. You have to start with story, history, culture, reasons, what you are hoping to do, why you are doing this and most importantly why they can achieve incredible hopes, dreams and desires in their journey too. It needs to emotionally connect.


They are doing the same. They are willing to join the mission you have without any guarantees of any success. They are risking it too. They are not joining a business that has been around for 30,40,50+ years. A business that has “everything worked out”. They have to feel the emotion. You are describing and expressing the mission and what emotionally, physically and spiritually it means.

It’s the early mornings, the late nights, the laughs, the disagreements, the times when it’s all hands on deck, the times when it’s freezing and others times when it’s boiling. The times when you celebrate and drink together. The times when you don’t have the answers and you have to find the answer together. The list goes on.

Powerful bonds are forged that makes the heart of your business strong, the foundation strong.

So much goes into this stage, you set out what your business believes in. The core values. How you reward amazing work. How you treat your team. How you get stuck in with the team. Training, supporting, developing, feedback, communication, first development of processes and systems etc etc

Part 3 - Your Expanding Team (10 - 40)

The foundation of your business should be set. You should have a clear ultimate vision (we create ours in decades - current one is 2030) the North Star. The core values should be set. Now it comes down to maturing your systems that allows your business to go from 15mph to 50mph.

You have to keep people informed and up to date. You should share your performance, how the business is doing (the good and the bad), the plans, the goals, you have begun to create leadership positions (we have our heads of areas, team leaders, layers of structure & ownership that provides opportunities for growth / career advancement) and giving everyone options on how to express themselves & contribute.

We do this through many different approaches from daily morning meetings, to one on ones, KPI dashboards, to team announcements, to celebrations, to happy birthdays, to anniversaries, to feedback forms, to anonymous feedback forms, annual team meetings and letters. People love to know whether they are doing a good job or not. The right people in their right seats (roles) love accountability, feedback, willing to improve, see progress from their contributions on how they are helping the mission become a reality.

You have to reward great work, eat lunch together, get some pizzas in, summer BBQs or a Christmas buffet. Use music, get the energy flowing, there’s times when there’s dancing in the warehouse, raving in the warehouse but it all serves as a purpose. You want people to enjoy / love working on the mission. Be positive, optimistic, enthusiastic as much as possible, even when you don’t feel like it.

Oh wow, I’ve gone on and on here. I could go onto 40+. The combinations and differences of in person working and virtual team members, how all that connects together.

But ultimately its a never ending practice. Taking one step at a time. It’s an art of getting to know your people. Caring about your people, being willing to do more, put in the time, and ultimately see it as your duty to communicate, to be accountable, to inspire, to motivate and never stop believing 🙌🏽

You cannot buy it or there is no short cut. It’s earned from months and months, years and years.

What you will have to do on the journey is create, cultivate and protect a rich culture, a family culture, a hard working culture, a believing culture, a never ending taking massive action everyday culture 💪🏽

I hope something in here helped.

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We are very depending on our team members and without them would not be able to run the business so yesssss they deserve to be our first priority