I've got some lipstick to send in to Amazon

Would you polybag it? Amazon haven’t gave me anything to acknowledge or told me to.

I’ve never sent in lipsticks before - some are about the size of my pinky finger - others are bigger.

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

The customer will receive the them the same way as you send then. Amazon won’t do anything to them other than throw them in a box or envelope.

So a few things to think about:

  • will the lipsticks come apart or open in transit?
  • do you have room to label them? (ensure you use a peelable label)
  • will the packaging scuff during shipment and is this acceptable to the look of your product?

I always bubble wrap the small makeup


I almost always send everything in poly bags or bubble wrap, thinking it will make a good impression on the customer. It might just be my thing but as a buyer I appreciate sellers who package products like that. If someone sends me items in a box without a poly bag, I feel like they don’t enjoy their work and didn’t put in extra effort and threw in my face🤣. Sometimes it reduces my profit even due to the additional costs, but I don’t mind because I want to make my customers happy.


We sell and prep lots of lipsticks - I always bag them as they are often too small for labels and if they are a gift look much better bagged.

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Bubble wrap

I would polybag it just to offer extra protection!