Items unavailable for Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Hi all.

I’ve got an issue with stock that doesn’t seem to be available to customers. So far this is in Canada, but perhaps it might be elsewhere too.

It seems that customers can’t purchase items from over half of my catalogue. I can’t create manual fulfilment orders either - I get the error below.

Seller Support deny it’s an Amazon issue and are unwilling to help. I have tested this with numerous valid shipping addresses - it happens consistently and only with certain stock items.

There doesn’t appear to be any issue with the listings themselves, FBA availability, my account, the destination addresses etc.

Any thoughts as to how I can remedy this please?

Unfortunately, I have only ever been struggling to create Multi-channel fulfillment orders in Canada. This includes both US based FBA inventory and Canadian stock. Amazon always cancelled my MCF orders in Canada.

I don’t think that this means that your customers are unable to make purchases for the ASINs.