It is worth trying to ungate with an invoice from a distributor on another listing from this brand?

I was selling this brand but yesterday just got gated in Bondi Sands in the UK. I see that Amazon still allows me to ungate with invoice from distributor. I have about 80 units in Amazon FC but I don’t want to make removal order yet.

If I do so, will Amazon ungate the listings that I have in stock now? For the gated products I have now in FBA I have only invoices from retailers. I tried to ungate with the retailer invoice but got rejected twice.

Any advice?

Thank you!

Haven’t they been issuing IPs recently

I expected this to happen , they have been selling on Amazon USA for long time so it was just a matter of time untill they will take over the Uk and Eu

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I got IP on Europe from Bondi Sands…

Try to ungate another asin

Yesterday I was placing order for bondi and I don’t know why I stopped and now this post.

When applying to ungate a brand, you don’t need to use invoices that exactly show the products which you have listed. Simply ungate the whole brand using the distributor invoices and this will unblock the FBA listings as well.

Yes, they jumped on some listings in UK