Issue with shipment

So I shipped two identical units to Amazon one was for a unit of 19 and one was a case pack of 22 for some reason even though they were in separate boxes with separate labels, they combined all 41 units instead of two separate will this affect any of the sales or Amazon’s numbers?

You should make 2 different shipment plan. 1 case pack in which equal quantity should pe present. 2nd for unequal quantity which is called individual pack because if you create carton labels for case pack and also for individual Pack then you will have to send seperately. Don’t pack them in 1 box

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No, it won’t affect sales or Amazon’s numbers. They sometimes combine units for convenience, but sales and metrics remain accurate.

Hello @eliria,

You cannot mix individual items and case packs in the same Shipping Plan.

Units are individual products. You had one box with 19 units, and another box with 22 units. If the units are all the same there won’t be a problem.

If you are still concerned about them combining the two boxes, please elaborate.

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