Is this a good idea for a newbie?

Hi guys

I have a question . I was thinking of my first product to sell to be Halloween things .
What do y’all think ?

It would be like a seasonal product as mostly customers will buy it when Halloween will be coming.

So, sales will be very low in remaining period.

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Hello @ryan87. Welcome to the Seller Forums!

I was thinking of my first product to sell to be Halloween things .

That’s what we’re doing.

We basically sell toys, collectibles, and kids jewelry. We are currently featuring Back to School items. After Monday, we’ll be transitioning to Halloween.

While we have all the inventory we need to get started, and have picked up newly released items from some of the brands we carry, if we were to place a large seasonal order with one of our manufacturers, we would have placed that already.

You need to consider what types of Halloween things you want to sell, make sure what you select is not in a gated category, and find where to source them. As we get closer to Halloween, sales will slack off. So, you need to be thinking about what you are going to sell next.


Okay so I scanned and found an item to sell, but the picture looks kinda plain and isn’t packaged. Just a pic of the item without the package it is bought in.

Here’s my question, can I create a new one with my own pictures showing the item new in package? Just curious if any of you guys do this?

You can create a new listing with your own pictures, showing the item new in its package. Just be sure to mention that it’s a new item in its original packaging.

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