Is there any out there than can give some advice on what to do to get sales up and stay up?

Hi everyone… i have a question.

I launched my 1st product about 6-7 weeks ago.

Ill be a transparent as i can without giving away what my product is…

We sell in the US market

We have a 8.9/10 rating on our listing (we are brand registered but not a private label)

Its a small product (FBA) we sell it for around $11.99 which very competitive and in line with our competitors.

I’ve been doing PPC both auto and targeted with an average of $25/$30 per day budget spend and what I’ve noticed is that during the “honeymoon period” we did “ok” with sales. We averaged 5-8 sales per say and then we get a bump on the weekend with 11-12.

The thing is its very inconsistent

Now that honeymoon is over and still running PPC we run out of budget almost by mid day and we get 6sales, 1sale, 4sales, 0sales, 1sale, 0sales… its up and down, but mostly down. My graph looks like mountains.

The goal is the get to 20sales/day on a consistent basis… what am i missing?

I just cannot figure out this algorithm.

Any advice or insight would be great.

Thanks for your time everyone

Ah yes, the honeymoon period where Amazon gives you a bone and then kick you down after.

Optimize your listings, update search terms, copy etc based on what the customers are saying and searching, also check the returns report. Don’t waste more money on PPC ads if you’re not getting the sales.

  • Optimize your ads - you should have a fairly good idea of what the negative keywords are and what keywords people are searching for.

  • You can always lower the ppc bids. Amazon will always tell you to increase your budget if you run out too early. I think it’s BS advice because they just want you to increase their quarterly revenue. It’s fairly common to run out of budget sooner now because of the holidays.

*We’re also very close to Black Friday so all your competitors might be heavily discounting their items


Thank you very much for the detailed advice. Any other necessary steps I need as a newbie to hit the ground prepared? Im not afraid of making mistakes, the road to success is paved with failures. I hope I get to make a lot. We usually have to pay to learn.

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Figure out what isn’t work and change it or stop it. One thing I do is examine competitor listings and try to dissect their listing piece by piece.

You can also try to reach out to Amazon Advertising to get an account rep - they have tons of data. They can even show you where your product is compared to your competitor brands. But beware because they always try to sell you on a service here and there :rofl:


Thank you so much :slight_smile: