Is the Australian Amazon market any good?

Hi All,

Anyone invested in Amazon FBA Wholesale in Australian Market?

What are opportunities compared to US market.

Any suggestions or recommendations before investing large?


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The Australian market for Amazon FBA Wholesale is smaller compared to the US market, but it’s growing. I suggest you to start with US Market then move to the AUS market. Good luck anyway!


Start with PL USA at first if you want to begin with wholesale. Then, wholesale is profitable in the USA market only. Based on my experience, the Australian market has low competition when doing private label, which is a recommended business model that can be done there. Register a Pty Ltd, GST, ABN, register a trademark, and get your brand enrolled with Amazon. Let me know if you need any assistance.

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Australian market presents opportunities, but it’s crucial to research local demand, competition, and regulations. Before making large investments, consider testing the market with a smaller inventory to gauge success and mitigate risks.